About Us

About UsCAS Consultants is a firm of Consulting Engineers & Environmentalists owned and managed as an incorporated company by professionally qualified Kenyan Engineers and Environmentalists offering under one roof project management services and the full range of engineering and environmental services including Civil (Roads, Water supply and Sanitation), Structural and Electrical/Mechanical engineering, environmental studies/environmental impact assessments, socio-economic and institutional studies. The firm is a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya (ACEK) which is affiliated to the International Federation of Consulting Engineers - FIDIC and the Association of professional societies of East Africa.  The offices are located on Rhapta Road, Westlands Nairobi.

The firm was established in 1988 as a Partnership and since then it has offered services mainly in the fields of project management, civil engineering (water supply, drainage, roads and civil engineering infrastructures), environmental studies and environmental impact assessments, structural engineering, electrical & mechanical engineering in various areas including institutional building and varying categories of socio-economic studies. In 2004, the firm was changed to a limited company with the original partners becoming the directors.

The Directors of the Firm who are equal shareholders are Eng. Sebastian Mwarania and Eng. Christopher Abuodha. Both the Directors are Registered Consulting Engineers by the Engineering Registration Board, Members of the Institution of Engineers of Kenya, The Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya and the Architectural Association of Kenya. Both Directors also a Registered Water Engineers under the Water act Panels IIA & IIB covering water supply and water environmental engineering respectively. The Firm is also registered by the Ministry of Roads and Public Works both as Roads and Civil /Structural Engineering Consultants and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources as a Consulting firm in water engineering and associated environmental studies/environmental impact assessments, socio-economic and institutional studies.

The Firm, through technical co-operation with specialists and Associate Consultants in various fields including scientists, environmentalists, sociologists, economists, professionals in the building industries and management consultants also plays the role of Lead consultant and Project Managers in projects requiring multidisciplinary participation. The firm deploys consultants in various fields to supplement, if necessary, the in-house key personnel in undertaking specialised studies.  The firm is independent and does not have any business interests that are likely to influence the impartiality of professional judgement.

The Firm has undertaken several projects through feasibility studies, planning, design, supervision, contract administration and specialised studies for the Kenyan Government institutions, East African Community, Nepad (Eastern Africa), Non Governmental Organisations and private sectors financed by locally or by Development Partners.